Senator Don Harmon, a lifelong resident of Oak Park, was first elected to the Illinois Senate in 2002. He was appointed Assistant Majority Leader in 2009, and in 2011 was named Senate President Pro Tempore. Senator Harmon plays a key role in shaping policy and moving legislation through the Senate, and often presides over floor debate.

Senator Harmon has pursued a progressive agenda in Springfield, one rooted in his passion for social justice and public service. He believes that because government exists to serve the public, it must be conducted in a way that is transparent, accountable and ethical.

During his 11 years in the General Assembly, Senator Harmon has championed legislation promoting early childhood education, cleaning up state government, protecting Illinois’ natural resources, modernizing the electric power grid, recognizing same-sex marriage, expanding healthcare for low-income families, curbing gun violence and strengthening voters’ rights.

Senator Harmon and his wife, Teri, have three children: Don III (17), Frances (14) and Maggie (13). He attended St. Giles School in Oak Park and is a member of the parish today. He earned his high school diploma at St. Ignatius College Prep and his bachelor’s degree at Knox College. He holds both a law degree and an MBA from the University of Chicago.

Senator Harmon often points to his time at St. Ignatius as a period in which he began forming a worldview that ultimately would lead him to public service. Citing the school’s motto, Be a man for others, he says, “It’s not about what enriches you, but what helps the community. That motivates me to serve the public.”